Weekend Bonus: Damnation Alley

When I was looking for covers to post in my review of Roger Zelazny’s Damnation Alley, I came across over ten different covers with unique art, and almost all of them were fabulous, so I thought I would display them all here:


If the mood of the book matched this, I would definitely have used it first. However, this is much more of an alien world vibe than a shattered earth vibe.


Again, we have a masterpiece here. Make sure to pay attention to the small details: the broken road; the cockroach in the foreground; the giant armored insects in the background; the ruins looming in the fog; the black/red background/font colors, and the stylish slashing font of the book’s name…


… and here we have a much different view, of a hellscape engulfed in flame. I like the destroyed traffic light, and we can see the important twisters wreaking havoc in the background. I feel the reddish pallor cast over the scene is too intense, though, and the title’s font, while inventive, resembles fur more than fire.


There are some bits with motorcycles, but most of the book actually takes place in the battle-car. Pass. Also, what’s with the green fields in the background? Get with the times: Earth is an irradiated wasteland.


This is a pretty sweet vehicle, but I don’t think it bears much relationship to the monster battlecar in the book. The mood is additionally much more “belter asteroid chaos death match” instead of “a race across apocalyptic earth.”damnation-alley-5.jpg

Hmmm, I like it, but this is much more terraforming equipment and much less mobile death messenger car.


Mmm, still not quite right. Also, that snake is like WHAT.


Huh. Nice font, but I am not so sure about the robed guy. I mean, that is like one scene. And I dunno about the book portraying Hell Tanner; not what I pictured.


I am also not really sure how I feel about that one. Also, this novel didn’t seem particularly “Berkeley” to me, but sure, I guess.


The mood on this is definitely way off from the actual feel of the novel. What is all that yellow doing there?


Now THAT was unexpected! Definitely like the scale of it all, although I feel it’s not faithful to the book, and Hell Tanner most definitely looks not like the Hell Tanner I had in my head, and instead like some ex-military badass commando, but this cover is pretty amazing. Just not really for this book, I guess.


. . .



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