Note: click this cover to view it at full size, as artist Emily Irwin has done a fantastic job.

This book was utterly amazing. While this is obviously incredibly subjective, this is definitely the book I have most enjoyed reading in 2015 – 2016 so far.

The first chapter in particular is extraordinarily fantastic. Nagata doesn’t stop to explain things immediately, because she doesn’t need to. The flow is perfect, the world is vivid, and the viewpoint of the main character, Jubilee, and her everyday interactions with the normal facets of her world slowly begin to assemble images of a world profoundly different from anything we, the readers, are accustomed to. For the first few chapters, often I would just stop, dumbfounded, as the story delved into the world and wove something perfectly normal and incomprehensibly different, something that I was never sure was fiction or fantasy or science fiction, and interpretations danced through my mind, changing as Nagata wove out more details.

I highly enjoyed the pace of the story. The world as Jubilee sees it is vivid, detailed, and always fascinating, with a feeling of awe and wonder permeating every discovery they make as they travel across the land to unravel the secrets behind the stranger and the silver. The world, characters, and story are all incredibly well fleshed out and developed together, with a well paced plot driving the entire story onwards.

Obligatory Kindle Note: I read this on a Kindle.


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