Terra Insegura


I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this book, which boil down into an impression of missed potential. This was a book that I had trouble reading due to the ugliness of spirit of some of the antagonist characters. However, they weren’t interesting, just mostly bland, brutal, nasty sons of guns. I think a lot of my issues stem from that this is a sequel, and so the protagonists were not developed that well. Had I had read the first novel, and had all that character development and plot development behind me, I probably would have received Terra Insegura more positively.

On that note, I constantly felt like the book and myself were not on the same level of understanding. In particular, the details behind the Selkies, their creator, and the Keronomi made little sense to me until the very end. This was frustrating, because the idea is very intriguing and has great potential, and I really liked what I saw of the Selkie populace, but I never really got the feel of what was going on. Additionally, the plot felt arbitrary at points, where obstacles seemed dropped in that had little to do with the main conflict but were not particularly interesting or effective on their own either.

One thing the book really nailed for me was the eerie feeling of a plague-devastated world. There was a lot of uneasiness and mistrust boiling over, with survivors fighting over the cure for the plague.

Cover Art Review: I like it! Aesthetically, it feels too ethereal and floaty to me, probably due to the light burst in the top, and would benefit from either having the bottom of the scene darker to solidly ground you in the scene, or just decreasing how much the bright light washes everything out. On the other hand, this does lend it a confused, eerie feeling, which is appropriate for the novel.


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