Mythology 101


Having read other Jody Lyn Nye books, but only read the brief intro blurb about Mythology 101, I really wanted to enjoy this book. I did not initially, but about a third of the way into the book I noticed I had starting enjoying myself a lot somewhere along the way. The issue for me was that the introduction to Keith’s mundane college life was not particularly interesting. Once Keith came in contact with the elves, however, the book began to shine. The plot took shape, conflicts between characters with different motivations suddenly became more important, and the background of mundane college life then became entertaining as the mythological aspect was layered atop it. Interestingly, at first the elves seem pretty normal themselves, and it takes a while for Keith to get a good look at their actual lifestyle. This really fits the character of having elves hiding themselves from the human populace and worrying about getting caught and found out. One standout scene in the novel was the village scene, which infused a really strong vision of place and of what the elves’ life was like.

I really enjoyed the story’s plot, as instead of teaming up to defeat evil, it’s about a man trying to help out elves who live hidden underneath his college. I also liked the mystery aspect to the plot, and felt it was very well handled. Just when I had made up my mind and it seemed obvious, Jody Lynn Nye would adeptly insert a few scenes from different characters, and their viewpoints would make me question my assumptions and again reconsider who could be responsible.

It’s also interesting ethnographically / anthropologically to read a book published in the 1990s talk about US college life, because as someone who was in a college recently, it’s simultaneously very similar (students and personality archetypes) and entirely different (culture and slang and hobbies and and and…).

Obligatory Kindle Notice: I read this on a Kindle.

Cover Art Review: I didn’t actually see the cover until writing this review, so I’ll just say that having this image in mind as I started reading the book probably would have resulted in a more pleasant experience than having in mind some dismal, dusty subterranean library stacks which I have been in.


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