Inherit the Earth


I thought that Inherit the Earth was a very odd book. The plot is slowly paced, but in a way that detracts from it. The extra space/time is dedicated to building up the characters and institutions, but the plot also spends a lot of time convincing you it is about to go somewhere before… not going there. Or, spending a lot of time/pages presenting a particular version of history, which is then promptly revealed not to be true. Additionally, there are several situations where something interesting is about to happen, and then just… doesn’t. That was the main thing that stuck out to me.

The conspiracy theory aspect of figuring out who was telling the truth and who was lying and what the truth and lies were and also did not grab me. I am not sure why: I generally like that kind of thing in novels, especially those “of this sort” such as in the Jump255 trilogy, (Infoquake/MultiReal/Geosynchron), or in the Cassandra Kresnov series (Crossover/Breakaway/etc…), or the Culture novels, but I think a lot of it just came from not being especially grabbed by the writing, characters, world, or plot.

Cover Art Review: Not going to lie, the cover art was about 5/8ths of my motivation for purchasing this book, with the book jacket description being the rest. I really liked the slanted concrete building face, the pursuit and escape parkour action occurring center stage, and the stacked verticality of the cityscape.


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