Six Stories: Ruby Tuesday

Halloween Special! I recently read Kathe Koja’s Six Stories collection, all of which were  spooky or unnatural in one sense or another, and I thought that these stories would be a perfect match for the week leading up to Halloween. Then I got sick, and healthy, and sick. So: post-Halloween Special!

Today’s Six Stories story diverges from the creepy and spooky into a more mundane, if not happier, topic. Ruby Tuesday is a story about a high school teenager, and her interest in the film “Ruby Tuesday.” After a night at a local social phenomena, “Ruby Tuesdays at the Film Theater”, she becomes enthralled by the film’s power to draw audiences and immerse them in the world and story of the film. The source of her interest in the power of this escapism is tragically sad, and devastating to consider. It definitely triggered reflections on processing loss, grief, and the stress of life for me, focusing on the role of stories and media in that process.

Additionally, there is an interesting collision of reality and fiction here. I was curious, and after a quick online search, was not able to find a movie named Ruby Tuesday, but I did find an actress named Ruby Tuesday. While the films this Ruby Tuesday starred in have similar titles to the films assigned to the actress in the story, they don’t match up. There’s also the metafictional aspect, where Rikki is telling her story and analyzing the film Ruby Tuesday, pulling apart how that film’s story draws and attracts viewers at the same time we’re reading that story. Do Rikki’s thoughts and conclusions on the art of film apply to the written form as well, and how completely?

Obligatory Kindle Note: Read this on a kindle!


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